Laboratory of Food and Biomaterial Chemistry

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Major research subjects in our laboratory include elucidation of chemical structure and physical characteristics of various biomaterials for their novel utilization in foods and other industrial products such as cosmetics. The biomaterials are derivatized by chemical, physical, and enzymatic means to create or improve thier functional properties with value added.

Among the biomaterials, biopolymers are currently main subjects for researches. Not only the molecular but three dimensional structure of the biopolymers determining physical and physicological functions are ivestigated by using various analytical processes. Through investigating the relations between structural features and functional properties of the polymers, the mechanisms in polymeric functions in matrices of foods and other products could be revealed.

The current research projects include ..
(1) Nano-encapsulation of biofunctional ingredients with starch or it dextrins for increasing water solubility and bioavailability
(2) Development of physical treatments substituting chemical modification of starch
(3) Structural derivatization of hyaluronic acid to improve its stability against chemicals and physical forces
(4) Novel utilization of the rice bran extracts as biofunctional ingredients in cosmetics
(5) Germination of brown rice for the production of bioactive components.