Research Interests

  • Structural characterization of biomaterials and carbohydrate polymers

  • Modification of polysaccharides for novel utilizations in foods and cosmetics

  • Elucidation of physical and physiological properties of biopolymers

  • Nanoencapsulation of phytochemicals using starch and dextrins

  • Cosmeceutical utilization of agricultural byproducts

  Ongoing Projects

  • Nanoencapsulation of functional fatty acids with starch and dextrin

  • Quality improvement of onion for snack & physicochemical modification of corn flour

  • Deodorizing activity and utilization of chestnut inner shell extracts

  • Development of bioactive materials for skin-care and cosmeceuticals from rice bran

  • Structural and physicochemical properties of starch nanoblocklets

  • Cosmeceutical functions and utilization of amaranth leaves